A few times in my life I initiated or participated in starting up a new publication, and every time the most exciting thing about was holding its first issue in my hands. Look, here is a newborn newspaper or magazine, smelling of fresh ink... You are jealously examining it, thumbing it, looking for errors and typos... and of course finding them. 'OK! OK!' - you say to yourself. - 'Next time I'll fix them, I'll do better'. It's wonderful you can do it because the newspaper is alive, it's a developing organism you can perfect and improve.
Here I brought just a few samples of my work to your attention, but they cannot give you a complete impression of their design. A newspaper should riffle under your fingers, only then you can understand it...

"Natania Today"

The Natania town council weekly.

  "Dengi" (The Money)

F inancial weekly, Tel Aviv, Israel. Page samples and title design.

"Ne skuchay v Germanii" (Don't be bored in Germany).

The weekly supplement to the "Russian Germany" daily, Berlin, Germany. The design won the second place in advertised bidding.

  "Neues Judisches Wort" (The New Jewish Word).

Weekly. Design concept.
  Adams Street Bulletin Adams Street Bulletin

(The Latest News from Congregation Agudas Achim Anshei Sfarad)
  Novy Kosmopolit / Lider
(New Cosmopolitan / Leader)

The Bostonian bi-monthly in Russian. The magazine content is available online at
www.strana.com .
The designe samples gallery in PDF-format will be available very soon.